Meanwhile, In a Parallel Universe

Bashy's 1st attempt at DM-ing (fails hilariously)

  • party forms made up of Hotchy, Berk, Mike, and Obrad (screw whatever our names are)
  • apparently we are all random assassins sent into a cave to kill everything.
  • We encounter goddesses of light and darkness, who proceed to pwn us hard for a few rounds, and then never score another hit.
  • Obrad, who coincidentally has the only light source, betrays the party to the goddess of darkness in exchange for leniency, starts attacking everyone.
  • Berk declares himself a pacifist, removes himself from battle.
  • Mike betrays the party to the goddess of light in exchange for leniency, tries to attack Obrad.
  • Obrad pwns Mike.
  • Obrad pwns Berk.
  • Mike dies. Berk is unconscious.
  • Obrad changes his religion mid-battle to worship the goddesses. Repeatedly.
  • Hotchy calls bull and tries to convince everyone to get back to the task at hand. fails.
  • Hotchy’s pet dog inflicts the grand total of 1 damage we do to the goddesses, and then is unconscious.
  • Obrad pwns Hotchy
  • Hotchy dies. So does his dog.
  • Berk is stabilized by goddesses(Bashy). Obrad is smitten for pwning everyone by Bashy-the new-voice-in-the-sky.
  • Berk is kicked out of the cave. The quest fails before we even know what it actually is.
  • Back to Sevens. At least we have some basic plot info on that campaign. Also we’re all less back-stabby in that universe.


You guys failed more than I did.

Meanwhile, In a Parallel Universe
Hotchmoney aleksobrad

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