Clockwork Magma Dragon

Written by Berk, Expanded by Hotchy

*startin in a hallway running from a boulder that moves 8 spaces a turn and splatters shit
*Berk and Bashy Ninja through the pendulums, berk gets toasted on fire trap mark called and earned a comma point for. everyone else has mixed results.

  • (Hotchy) The party reaches a large, iron door at the end of the trap hallway. The door bears a large, circular symbol (I’ll scan a picture of it). I couldn’t recall if or if not the party rested after the cobra encounter, so I awarded an action point here for the party reaching a milestone (2 encounters without extended rests). This becomes important during the next encounter.
    *Find a strange room with potions and metals and shit in it.
    *After a very short exploration with berks Shadowed Legion ability, A clockwork dragon appears.
    *The clockwork dragon rants about completing its masters work of creating the perfect aphrodisiac.
    *the dragon’s master is the bull that wrote the letter on cinnabar island.
    *The Dragon is named GLaDoS
    *We engage in MORTAL COMBAT!
    *We deal over 150 damage to GLaDoS. Still alive
    *She isn’t even coggied yet.
    *Berk and Obrad both start making sprints for the control panel.
    *Mark finds that the dragon needs to drink the furnaces magma like metal inside. gets another comma point
    *Berk roles 2 20’s in a row while bored, ruins dice karma forever.
    *then Pizza came and we stopped as far as I know as i had to run out for hockey.
    *Also, speeches about lemons seem to un-dominate the party when mark gets them pumped with it, as who doesnt like to make flammable lemons and burn shit with them. GLaDoS even agrees.
    Berk left so I’ll finish up ~Hotchy
  • Berk, Mark, and Podge all spend both of their action points to quadruple move, using their various flying/ teleporting powers to get up to the elevated platform where the control panel is.
  • After a few checks, the Party turns off the furnace and closes its doors. The dragon dies in a flurry of cogs during its next turn.
  • From the dragon’s remains, the Party recovers its “heart”— an enchanted ruby the size of a human’s fist. Also, a jet-black cylinder about six inches long is found within its stomach.
  • As soon as it is found, Jonn’s rod begins to glow a bright turquoise. He feels compelled to grab the other rod, and then to connect it to his. Upon doing this, the rod speaks to him telepathically, informing him that it is the Rod of Seven Parts, an artifact of immense power crafted by an ancient primordial to defeat the gods of evil. However, it was destroyed and scattered across the seven planes, with one part on each plane. The rod’s enhancement increases to +2, and it gains other properties that will be noted on Jonn’s character sheet.
  • After the encounter, Wolfswift looks around the room and notices a symbol like the one on the door. He rotates and manipulates it until part of the back wall opens to reveal a staircase up and out of the temple. The party chooses to go to sleep before leaving.
    Some Stats:

Amount of Pendulums:
How many we did before hotchy said F* it:
How much Berk played with magiccards and didnt really pay attention:
2 and a half metric shittons
Comma Points:
Mark 2
Bashy 2
Comma Points before Mark gets his magic air:
6998 (Disclaimer: No prices are set yet in the Comma Point store, especially for Magic Air. Prices are subject to change.)
If Bashy Wants to help with that:


Hotchmoney Hotchmoney

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